Our Running Packages And Pricing

If you are looking for High quality Gambling websites then Buygamblinglinks.net is the best place to buy quality Blogroll links, Blogposts and Banner ads. All our websites are ranking well in search engines.
Features of our websites :

  • All websites are hosted on Unique c – class IP’s.
  • They are ranking very well in search engines.
  • PR ranges from PR1-PR3
  • Total 180 Websites.
  • All are Keyword rich domains.
  • Almost 95% of our website Innerpages are having PR1,PR2 and PR3.
  • Strong Backlinks.
  • Almost all our websites are having more than 60+ backlinks from root domains.
  • Affordable Prices when compared to other companies.
  • Blogposts stays on homepage for 40-60 days. This is the only reason why Buygamblinglinks.net is VERY POPULAR in Blogposting services. I personally bet, no other SEO company does offer this feature for such price.
  • Also, i personally bet that our Blogposts and Homepage text links are very affordable with compared to other SEO companies. This is the only reason why most of the SEO companies buys links from us to their clients.

Our prices are as follows:

PR4 Blogroll link Costs = 190$/Year
PR3 Blogroll link Costs = 110$/Year
PR2 Blogroll link Costs = 80$/Year
PR1 Blogroll link Costs = 70$/Year

6 Months pricing:

PR4 = 100$
PR3 = 70$
PR2 = 60$
PR1 = 40$

Blogposts pricing:

PR3 = 25$ (We write content)
PR2 = 20$ (We write content)
PR1 = 15$ (We write Content)

Get in touch with us to know more about Packages and available discounts.

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